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Class1/Hale Shift Interlock Module

The shift interlock module integrates innovative Class 1 electronics to Hale’s reliable G gearbox. The module exceeds the latest NFPA requirements for NFPA by reducing shifting errors when the apparatus transmission is not safely placed into neutral. Whether shifting into road or pump, the interlock module simplifies the integration of shifting into electronic or multiplexed systems. The electronic shift interlock module simplifies installation, increases fire fighter safety by preventing run away truck conditions, and prevents costly equipment damage caused by hot shifts.


  • The pump engaged interlock prevents pump from being shifted from pump mode to road mode unless the apparatus is in neutral, ensuring apparatus is not put into road mode creating a runaway condition. Meets NFPA 1901, 2016 Edition
  • The road mode interlock prevents pump from being shifted from road mode to pump mode while apparatus is in gear. Protects transmission from costly damage caused from hot shifting
  • Internal delay allows driveshaft to stop in order to minimize mis-shifts
  • Unit can be added to in-service apparatus to bring them up to NFPA 1901, 2016 Edition and provide the user with the added safety features of the interlock
  • Unit can be controlled electronically and integrated simply into multiplexed systems
  • Integrated gearbox mount places all the electronics and control close to the gearbox minimizing harness and connection points
  • Can be ordered to be controlled by a standard air control valve or with electronic switches.

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Class1/Hale Shift Interlock Module

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Weight 10 lbs
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2.5", 3.5", 4.5", 6"

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