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Ajax Rescue Tools X11-RK Air Axess Rescue Kit

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The X11-RK Axess tool is designed for cutting metal, chipping concrete or masonry brick, and digging in dirt or gravel. It is your all-purpose tool for applications such as forcible entry, trench rescue, structural collapse, mining collapse, and confined space rescue.

This kit includes:
-Axess Air Hammer with 3700S-3 Retainer
-3/8″ Male Coupler with 3/8″ NPT
-3/8″ 90 Degree Swivel
-15FT. 3/8″ Hose with Male Coupler
-3/8″ Female Coupler for Hose (3/8″ NPT)
-Regulator (4500 PSI)
-3/8″ Female Coupler for Regulator (1/4″ NPT)
-4 OZ. Bottle of Oil
-30″ Steel Kit Box
-Kit Box Liner
-15-1/2″ Chisel Pouch
-23-1/2″ Chisel Pouch
-Non Turn Panel Cutter 9″
-Non Turn Kwik Cutter 9″
-Non Turn Flat Chisel 7″
-Non Turn Kwik Cutter 18″
-Non Turn Flat Chisel 18″
-Non Turn 1-1/2″ wide Chisel 18″
-Non Turn Moil Point
-Non Turn Clay Spade


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Ajax Rescue Tools X11-RK Air Axess Rescue Kit

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 30 in
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