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Ajax Rescue Tools 673-RT Extrication Tomahawk

Ajax Rescue Tools 673-RT Extrication Tomahawk


-Hardened point for breaking glass, making purchase points in laminated glass, tire punch, making strut insertion point in body of vehicle
-Laminated glass saw
-Beveled Plastic Cutter
-Large trim puller, spanner wench
-Gasket puller
-Beveled Edge for removing trim
-Pry bar for making purchase point in door, hood and trunk seams for hydraulic tool insertion. Prying off hatch and trunk gas struts. Flat surface for hammering in cribbing, wedges or striking surface for driving point into objects
-Glass notch, antenna remover
-Valve stem puller


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Ajax Rescue Tools 673-RT Extrication Tomahawk

Product Description

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in
Available Colors:

Black, Orange, Yellow


Alkaline, Rechargeable

Part Number



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