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Product Details

Atlas 46 has partnered with Forest Safety Products to develop a pouch for the Chainsaw Trauma Kit that contains the most effective self-aid tools available to address extreme bleeding. The Forest Trauma Pouch™ is a low profile, belt/vest mounted Chainsaw Trauma kit laid out for one-handed operation under extreme stress.

Designed to be mounted and left attached to the belt of chainsaw chaps, Atlas 46 Vest, or hooked to an Arborist’s saddle. The Forest Trauma Pouch™ allows you to access the lifesaving components quickly when needed, while not interfering with your cutting activities. Each component is carefully chosen to provide the most effective care while staying lightweight and minimizing bulk.

Order from Forest Safety Products

Features and Benefits:

  • Safety Orange – There’s no question the purpose of the kit in bright safety orange, differentiating it from other tool pouches that may be on you.
  • 1000D Air Jet Textured Nylon Construction – Easily withstands everything the forest throws at it.
  • 2” AIMS™ attachment on the back – Easily attach to your belt, vest, or arborist saddle.
  • Large D-Ring – Easily grabbed even with gloved hands. One pull brings the lifesaving tourniquet to where you can quickly put it to use.
  • Elastic opening – keeps out sawdust and debris
  • Attachment point for arborists to connect to their climbing gear
  • Velcro detachable rapid access strap– allows you to pull the contents free of the pouch for easy access if needed.
  • Made in USA
  • 46 Day Trial Period
  • Lifetime Guarantee


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Atlas 46 Forestry Trauma Pouch™

Product Description

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 8 in
Available Colors:

Black, Coyote

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