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R&B Fabrications Milwaukee Chin Strap

The ability of this chin strap to be separated and joined again when wearing breathing apparatus is its most outstanding feature. The design of the chin strap allows a firefighter to quickly and easily secure the fire helmet after a face piece is on. A mask or inhalation hose do not interfere. The helmet is secure while engaged in fire attack, permitting more freedom of movement. Another unique feature is that a firefighter can remove the helmet without removing the facepiece. There is no interruption of air supply if the helmet must be removed. The Milwaukee Chin Strap is a revolutionary method of improving firefighting safety. This weighs 2 oz. and has a length of 14″.


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R&B Fabrications Milwaukee Chin Strap

Product Description

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 2 in
Available Colors:

Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

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