Apparatus Service

At Sentinel Emergency Solutions, we understand if you can’t bring your fire truck to our shop for repairs. That’s why we have six highly trained mobile service technicians that can perform most repairs in the comfort of your firehouse. Our team consists of fully stocked service trucks and technicians that are tactically placed to better serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days week.

Road service work consists of but is not limited to:


  • 24-hour emergency/breakdown service
  • Warranty repair and service
  • Air brake service
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Automotive fluid changes
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Pump testing/certification
  • Pump/ Valve Repairs
  • Ladder Testing
  • Electrical Issues


Please call our office to schedule your repairs and advise if you would like it done at your engine house or at our facility.

Pump & Ladder Testing, Transmission Work, Tire Maintenance and other

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Do you have a dependable place to take your damaged apparatus if one does? Sentinel Emergency Solutions is your one-stop shop for full-service paint and body repair. Our 50-foot downdraft paint booth and custom paint mixing station allows our two highly skilled technicians the versatility to do just about any type of repair. We know you take pride in your fire apparatus, so next time let Sentinel Emergency Solutions repair it back to like- new condition.



  • Accident Repairs
  • Complete re-paint
  • Corrosion & Rust Repairs
  • Panel repair/compartment door repair
  • Refurbishment
  • Striping/Lettering
  • Two-Tone Paint Schemes
  • Roll Up Door Repair
  • Hinged Door to Roll Up Door Install
  • Interior Upholstery Repair



  • Accident Repairs
  • Compartment Upgrades
  • Custom Flat Bed Body Installation
  • Custom Tool Mounting
  • Custom Painted Mounts
  • Fabricated boxes, trays, bins, toolboxes, brackets, racks, etc.



  • Heavy Duty Brake
  • Heavy Duty Sheer
  • Pipe Threading Machine
  • Aluminum & Steel Welders
  • Torches

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Low on manpower and need help getting your truck to the shop?
No Problem, WE’LL PICK IT UP! We’ll leave a car at your engine house and take your truck to the shop. Don’t worry about anything. Can you bring your truck to us but no-one to take you back? Take our car.

Sentinel Services Include:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service Available
  • 5 Ton Overhead Crane for Major Repairs
  • Pump service
    • Replace transfer case oil
    • Lube valves
    • Lube control linkages
    • Adjust stops on valves
    • Adjust pump packing
    • Check foam system operation
    • Check gauges
    • Check primer system
  • Pump overhaul/replacement
    • Replace impeller assembly
    • Replace seals and gaskets
    • Pump test
    • Overhaul transfer case
    • Replace all bearings, seals, and gasket
    • Replace transfer case lube
    • Pump test
  • Valve repair/replacement
    • Replace ball and seals in valve
  • Water tank replacement
    • Fabricate new cradle
    • Install polytank and replace connecting hoses
  • Preventive Maintenance Services: Quarterly or Annually
    • Replace engine oil
    • Replace oil filters
    • Replace fuel filters
    • Replace coolant filter
    • Lube chassis
    • Check List
    • Transmission Fluid if needed
    • Air Filter if needed
  • Hose bed covers – canvas or aluminum
  • Air conditioning repair
    • Repair leaks
    • Replace individual components
    • Clean evaporator coils
    • Clean condenser coils
    • Replace service drier
    • Replace belts and hoses
    • Service drain system
    • Repair control system
  • Brake repair/replacement
    • Replace drums and rotors
    • Service hubs, seals, and bearings
    • Replace brake linings
    • Replace hardware
    • Lube brake cams and calipers
    • Replace brake chambers and adjust
    • Repair air systems
    • Replace wheel studs if needed
  • Aerial service/inspections
    • Clean and grease and serviceable points and rails
    • Adjust cable tensions
    • Adjust rotation, elevation, and extension timing
    • Replace hydraulic filters
    • Leak test hydraulics
    • Check outrigger operations
    • Check torque box
  • Hydraulic service, repair, hoses, cylinders, and outriggers
    • Replace leaking hoses and fittings
    • Reseal hydraulic cylinders
    • Replace pumps and PTOs
    • Replace fluids and filters
  • Pump tests at service centers or on-site locations
    • Annual Pump Test
    • Vacuum test
  • Welding – steel, aluminum, structural
    • Fabricate parts out of steel and aluminum
  • Add on lighting and LED upgrades
    • Compartment lighting
    • D.O.T. lighting
    • Emergency warning lighting
  • Crash/ARFF truck repair
    • Mechanical repair
    • Paint and body repair
    • Pump repair
    • Plumbing repair
  • Electrical repairs
    • Electrical shorts
    • Accessory add-ons
    • Module replacements
    • Charging systems
    • Generator systems
    • V-Mux systems
    • Command control and data systems
  • Equipment mounting/bracket fabrication
    • Fabricate custom brackets for mounting equipment
    • Install accessories
  • Portable pumps and skid units
    • Made custom to your specs
  • Suspension repairs
    • Spring and pin replacement
    • Kingpin replacement
    • Independent Front Suspension
    • Ball joint and tie rod replacement
    • Steering gearbox replacement

Sentinel is an authorized service warranty center for:

  • Rosenbauer Apparatus (and all other components included with new apparatus)
  • Akron & Elkhart Motors
  • Waterous Fire Pumps
  • Hale Fire Pumps
  • On-Spot Automatic Tire Chains
  • Will-Burt Light Towers
  • Command Light Towers
  • Pro Poly Water Tanks 
  • Smart Power and Harrison Generators