Rosenbauer’s Cobra platforms are built for decades. For maximum reach and capacity, make it a Rosenbauer Cobra platform. For a lower profile and better overhead clearance, choose the Rosenbauer Cobra mid-mount platform.

Both Rosenbauer Cobra platforms are ideal for rescues where there’s not a lot of room to maneuver. They get to hard-to-reach places with each and to put performance at your fingertips.

Feature rich, the Cobra platform includes the Rosenbauer SMART aerials programming as a standard. Rosenbauer’s SMART aerials, provide unmatched features that enhance the safety and performance of the Rosenbauer Cobra. The SMART aerial uses CAN-bus and programmable logic control with encoder technology that monitors the aerials functions 16 times per second. That’s unbeatable technology and safety when lives are on the line.


The Rosenbauer Cobra Platform is engineered and built to serve your community for years to come. Available in a rear mount and mid mount, the Cobra Platform is perfect in small areas where rescues must be performed. Need maximum reach and capacity? Choose a Rosenbauer Rear Mount Cobra. Or how about a Mid Mount Cobra Platform for a lower profile and better overhead clearance? Whichever one you choose, the Rosenbauer Cobra Platform will put performance at your fingertips.
The Rosenbauer Cobra platform comes rich in features such as the SMART aerial programming. Standard on both models, the SMART aerial technology has unparalleled features that improve safety and performance. The programmable logic control operating system uses absolute encoders and linear leveling systems to monitor all functions continuously, offering maximum protection. When lives are on the line, the Rosenbauer Cobra platform keeps the firefighters in mind.


  • 115’ Vertical Reach
  • 18’ Jib Boom
  • 48-degree pivoting platform bucket
  • 1400lb bucket capacity
  • Auto leveling Outriggers
  • Impact Protection from Truck to surround obstacles of bucket
  • Shortest 100’ platform wheelbase and overall length in industry


Ladder Reach: 75′-104′ Vertical Reach
Payload Capacity: 1000 lbs. Dry
Wind Rating: 50 MPH Unrestricted
Ice Rating: 1/4″
Below Grade Operations: -12 Degrees
Aerial Controls: Rosenbauer SMART Controls – Standard pedestal or ACS
Stabilizer: 2 Front/2Rear
Stabilizer Spread: 15′ 6″ – 17′ 6″
Apparatus Body : EXT, FX, CT, FL
Water Tank: Up to 500 Gallons
Pumps Capacity Range: Up to 2000 GPM
Aerial Finish: Hot Dip Galvanized / Painted / Painted Hot Dip Galvanized
Custom Chassis: Commander, HME

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