The Roadrunner is a true multi-purpose apparatus offering the firepower of a full pumper combined with the reach of an aerial. The Roadrunner features a high-powered, wide sweeping nozzle capable of dousing fires from any angle and is available on a custom or commercial chassis with a variety of tank sizes.

With foam system and chemical extinguishing options, the Roadrunner is also a powerful industrial firefighting device. So now you can show fires who’s really in charge.



Ladder Reach: 68′ Vertical Reach (68′, 51′)
Tip Payload Capacity: 500 lbs
Ice Rating: 1/2″
Below Grade Operation: -10 Degrees
Aerial Controls: Manual Controls
Stabilizer Spread: 11′ 9″
Body Options: EXT, FX, CT
Water Tank: Up to 2000 Gallons
Pump Capacity Page: Up to 2000 GPM
Aerial Finish: Painted
Custom Chassis: Commander, HME
Commercial Chassis: All major manufacturers

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