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Tillers are iconic to the North American fire service, however they mean business.

Rosenbauer’s tiller program offers multiple body construction choices, tillerman cab styles and corrosion resistance coatings for the aerial device.


Tractor drawn aerials are one of the most unique and versatile fire apparatus in the national fire service. These apparatus have a long history, dating back to the 1800s and are recognized as the most famous piece of fire machinery when people think of the iconic firetruck.

No other fire apparatus driving down the road provides as much pageantry, tradition, or solicits as much childlike wonder as a tractor-drawn aerial.


  • Compartment capacity between 500 to 650 cubic feet
  • Accommodate a larger number of ground ladders
  • A tractor drawn aerial has only two outriggers compared to four
  • 15’ to 16’ wide deployment of outriggers
  • 15,000 pounds lighter than an aerial platform


Ladder Reach: 100′ Vertical – 94′ Side Reach at 0°
Payload Capacity: 500# Wet / 500# Dry
Waterway: 1250 GPM
Ice Rating: 1/4″ of Ice
Wind Rating: 50 MPH
Below Grade Operations: -10°
Aerial Controls: Smart Aerial Only
Stabilizer Spread: 15′ 6″
Stabilizers: H-Style
Apparatus Body: EXT or FX
Stabilizer Spread: 19′ 5″
Stabilizers: H-Style
Apparatus Body: EXT
Water Tank: Up to 300 Gallons
Fire Pump: 1500 GPM

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