The potential of reducing your overall vehicle length can be realized with a Rosenbauer rear mount pumper. Eliminating the large traditional pump house allows for a more maneuverable apparatus. Pump control panel locations can be crafted as a true rear-mount with all controls enclosed rear compartment a curb-side configuration with the panel on the officer’s side of the apparatus or the panel on the operator’s side.

Myth: Rear-mount’s reduce storage space for equipment. Fact: Rosenbauer is a top-tier manufacturer with decades of experience in customized equipment mounting. Your department will work with our design engineers to create an engineering schematic to map our all of your required tools.


Rear-mount pumpers offer significant advantages in terms of maneuverability, safety, and increased compartment space. Rear-mount pumpers are typically three to four feet shorter than a standard pumper, which makes them more maneuverable. Space where the pump house would have been in the center of the truck becomes a transverse compartment that allows a significant increase in compartment space. With a 1,000-gallon water tank and a 40-inch pump module, you can get a 120-inch cab-to-axle measurement on a typical pumper. If you put the pump in the rear, you can move the water tank forward and balance the load better while you’re maximizing the amount of water you carry.


  • Shortest Wheelbase with most compartment space
  • Best riding Pumper with all weight centered between axles
  • Most Compartment Space availability
  • Front Compartment Transverse Option
  • Pump Panel on Left, Right or Rear of Body


Body Options: EXT, FX, RP3, Timberwolf
Body Material (Aluminum): 1/8″ or 3/16″
Body Material (Steel): 10 or 12 Gauge
Compartment Height Max: 72″
Compartment Depth Max: 26″
Pump Manufacturers: Rosenbauer, Hale, Darley, Waterous
Pump Capacity Range: 250 – 2000 GPM
Custom Chassis: Commander, Avenger
Commercial Chassis: All major manufacturers

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