The top mount pumper is widely regarded as the safest location for your pump operator.

Options for crosslay storage can be either under the pump control or as a stand-alone section mounted behind the cab wall.

Easy-to-operate slide-out trays make repacking your hoseload less burdensome.


Top-mount pump panels position the operator on the top of the vehicle, giving the D-E a panoramic view of the fireground. If something goes wrong on the scene, the D-E most likely will see it happen and can notify command-i.e., a roof collapse or the loss of the water supply. From a safety perspective, the D-E is out of traffic and away from other firefighters working and retrieving equipment from compartments. When working on a highway, the D-E is less exposed to oncoming traffic and is less likely to be hit by another vehicle. Moving the pump up front increases space for larger water tanks, more compartments, and longer ladders. Most mid-mount pumps need four feet or more of frame length across the entire width of the truck. This space cannot be used only for the pump assembly.


  • Best Operational View in Industry
  • Safe Scene is a Top Mount Panel available on an Aerial
  • Full Body or End Mount Pumps. Hale, Rosenbauer, Darley, or Waterous
  • Several Options available but lengthens wheelbase

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