We offer apparatus solutions on all major commercial vocational chassis. Commercial chassis offer a financially flexible chassis option for departments. The benefits of integrating a commercial chassis into your next apparatus include the widest service networks across the globe. Nearly our entire apparatus product mix, excluding aerials, can be built on commercial chassis. There is no difference in the overall quality of the body manufacturing process from the pump install to the electrical system.


Choosing the right pumper is a decision that has far-reaching implications. After all, they are the heart of your fleet, whether that’s one or one hundred. You want it engineered and built to meet your needs today, and to handle the challenges your department and community will face years from now.

We understand that, and that’s the reason we customize each one exactly the way you want it. Sure, we have popular configurations to start the conversation but we know that everyone is different.


  • Compact short wheelbase. Comparable to Pierce PUC
  • Waterous, Darley, Rosenbauer, or Hale Split Shaft or PTO Pumps available
  • Lever Bank Valve controllers in L1 Compartment
  • Pumpers, Tankers, and Ladders with the MP3 Pump Panel
  • South Dakota 3/16” Aluminum or Stainless-Steel Body


Body Options: EXT, FX, CT, FL, CRT, MP3, TP3, Timberwolf
Body Material (Aluminum): 1/8″ or 3/16″
Body Material (Steel): 10 or 12 Gauge
Compartment Height Max: 72″ (Additional height with special engineering)
Compartment Depth Max: 26″
Pump Manufacturers: Rosenbauer, Darley, Hale, Waterous
Pump Capacity Range: 250 – 2000 GPM
Pump Mount Locations: Side, Top, Rear, Enclosed, Scene Scene
Commercial Chassis: All major manufacturers



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